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  • Imani J.


Looking for locally made clothes by top Colombian designers on your upcoming trip to Medellin? Check out these top 3 places I visited while there!


Cra. 37 #10-35, Medellín, El Poblado

Makeno is a concept store that is home to various different Colombian designers and house more than just clothes. They also carry a variety of home goods, jewelry, shoes and more for you to peruse through. Their selection of clothes is also something to admire as they offer clothes for men, women and children with everything from swim suits to evening dresses.

I would describe most of the selection of clothes they offer as modern muted bohemian as the brands chosen fall in to a certain aesthetic to compliment the store. But I don't doubt that even if modern bohemian isn't your chosen aesthetic that even you will be able to find something you love there. The prices I would say weren't that bad, I got a pair of tan pleated linen pants for around $80 USD. I would say compared to designers in the states the prices in Makeno were on the lower end of the spectrum and definitely worth the price. Especially since I wore the pants many times while I was in hot and humid Colombia and many times since being back in The States!

Con 003

Cra. 32d #9 - 58, Medellín, El Poblado

Con 003 is also home to various Colombian designer and at my time of visiting was hosting a pop-up store called Espacio 7. They had a selection of cute clothes, jewelry, shoes, and other little things like candles and skin care products. The selection of clothes was mostly relegated to mens and womens clothes but they also carried a variety from swim suits to track suits.

This selection of brands tended more towards trendy, with bright bold colors, and loud psychedelic prints with silhouettes tending towards the urban streetwear we see on todays streets. I wouldn't say this store is for everybody and probably aims more for a younger social media conscious crowd. Prices here were also fairly decent. I personally wasn't extremely impressed with the clothes but the jewelry selection was very interesting. They had some 3D printed colorblocked earrings that I almost considered purchasing and a

brand that had some casted bug pieces that were so cool and detailed. So I bought a pair of pretty large, gold beetle earrings for about $40 USD that I think I wore everyday since I got them in Colombia. The gold just complimented my skin so nicely and they were the statement piece I had been wanting!


Cl. 8 #43C-05, Medellín, El Poblado

I went back to Ocho43 twice during my trip in Colombia, and bought something each time! As with the other stores Ocho43 houses a multitude of Colombian designers, with a selection of clothes, jewelry and shoes. They also offer clothes for men, women and children if you're shopping local for the whole family, and you could find anything from sleepwear and lingerie to evening gowns.

I would describe the style of clothes at this store to also be a more modern bohemian but with a lot more fun colors, and floral prints comparatively to Makeno which was more on the muted end of the color spectrum. The women silhouettes trending towards loose and flowy and feminine with ruffles, and really accentuating the female form. The prices here were very good!

I bought a linen dress with beautiful puff sleeves with a green print on it that depicts palm trees on it for $40 USD I also bought a pair of flats from my grandma that had crystals sewn on them for a bit of shine for $70 USD and lastly I bought this cute beaded fringe ear cuff to add to my ever growing jewelry collection (I can't recall how much this was).

Which store do you think you'll have to check out on your trip to Medellin?


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