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  • Imani J.

Best Boutiques in Iceland

If you look up what souvenir to get while you're in Iceland, the number one thing they will tell you to get is their world famous lopapeysa sweater made from special Icelandic wool that is simultaneously water resistant and warm. But say, you're not in the mood for a crew neck sweater with a zig zag pattern. Beautiful, functional, and traditionally Icelandic as it is, you're looking for a unique piece of clothing, a souvenir that someone can't say that they also have.

You've come to the perfect place.

Before my trip to Iceland I made a list of all of the local boutiques I wanted to hit up featuring Icelandic designers. Unfortunately due to the very rigorous adventure itinerary of snowmobiling, Iceland horseback riding, and waterfall spotting, I was only able to visit two out of the 4 places on the list. But, if you have more time than I did I definitely recommend checking out all of these places since they each provide their own vibe. Each place different from the previous.

Hildur Yeoman Hildur Yeoman is a fashion designer based in Reykjavik who has once won fashion designer of the year in Iceland focuses on womenswear. When visiting their store I gravitated towards their prints. The visual texture, they provide with the silhouettes then bring ruched, twisted and draped providing physical texture. The colors as well being bright and bold but not at all overwhelming it was all very pleasing too the eye and didn't feel like too much. Her designs feel very fantastical but wearable, and in a country where many fantasy series have been shot (notably Game of Thrones) and where the environment forces you to focus on utility rather than Fashion it seems to be right in step. But then when you see the Instagram visuals of the clothes against the amazing natural Icelandic environment you see the juxtaposition the use of colors, textures and prints give, really standing out from everything. I didn't buy anything while there unfortunately, but they do provide international shipping and once I no longer have this shoe string budget, the Beige Painting Skirt and Cut Out Top set are at the top of my wishlist.

Kron Kron Kron Kron is another Reykjavik based fashion boutique co-owned by Hugrún also the fashion designer for Kron by Kron Kron. Hugrún mostly focusing on womenswear and shoes under the boutiques namesake, while additionally selling some other brands like Vivienne Westwood and Junya Watanabe. Kron Kron's clothes and shoes themselves are for the fashionably bold and daring. Almost everything dripping in warm toned colors and striking prints but with very classic sophisticated silhouettes. The prints and colors being the stars of the show although only slightly being overshadowed by Hugrún herself embodying the clothes perfectly through her amazing poses on the Kron Kron website. I truly wish I had the opportunity to visit the boutique and meet her in person she truly seems like such a joy and light. My top pick for Kron Kron would have to be the Big Tee in the Song of Happiness print, maybe with some mismatch leggings.

Kiosk Kiosk is a collection of Icelandic creators where you can find more than just clothes, but also accessories and fragrance as well. A boutique that was also voted best Fashion Boutique in Reykjavik. The designers at Kiosk all feel very modern. Colors of blue, black, white and gray takes up the majority of their palette. Their silhouettes being mainly basic but classic with a twist. For example a jumpsuit with interesting street art inspired graphics, or a button down shirt with an all over grid pattern. A welcomed change from the bold brands of Kron Kron and Hildur Yeoman. Kiosk being yet another place that was on the list as a place I wanted to visit but didn't get the opportunity. I would've loved to check out the Eyglo Pleated Swimsuit. I love the details of the double zipper and pleats at the back.

Wasteland Wasteland is a vintage store and of course you always have to throw in a second hand clothing store on your visit. Especially at a country that prides itself on its eco-friendliness due to its use of geothermal power. You gotta love a good Reuse moment. I did have a chance to visit Wasteland while I was in Reykjavik. They are self described as a place for curated vintage clothes "from all decades." Which is definitely true but, I would say most of their clothes come from the Y2K era and obviously since for the past couple of years Y2K has been trending it makes sense that the trend it can definitely be seen in their Instagram posts as well as their shop curation. Again, I didn't get anything at their shop their prices were somewhat reasonable and on par with thrifting in New York City but the thrifting gods didn't bless me that day. Which is how it goes with thrifting sometimes you find the most perfect thing and sometimes you don't. I don't think anything else could've fit in my carry on bag anyways. I mean I already had 5 sweaters packed in there.

If you visit any of these places, I would love to know where you went and what you happened to pick up!


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